Sometimes it’s the little things

Happiness often comes from noticing and enjoying the little things in life.”  –Unknown

Here is a short message I shared at Broadway Presbyterian Church back in May:

One thing that surprised me about working at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations was learning about how wide the reach of the PC(USA) is in the US and around the world, whether it be through mission partnerships and mission co-workers trying to alleviate violence and promote dialogue in South Sudan, responding to flooding in Puerto Rico, or serving the homeless in New York City.

One thing I was not expecting for this year, was to have the chance to help bring my supervisor from my previous YAV year in South Korea to the UN to meet with our ecumenical partners in civil society and the Deputy Ambassador of South Korea to the United Nations. This wonderful experience brought my two YAV years full circle and showed me the importance of relationships and being part of a larger, intentional Christian community dedicated to answering the calls for peace and justice from our God and Jesus.

But in a year focused on big topics and issues, I also learned to see God in the little things. For example, sometimes I see God on the subway. That may sound strange considering that NYC subways can be crowded, hot, smell bad, and have an occasional rat. But the subway, is also one of the few quiet moments in my busy day. The subway provides a transitional space where I can reflect, I can read, or I can simply be. In some ways, I feel like I get some of my life back by taking public transportation. Do I wish trains were faster? Yes. But I am grateful that because I not having to drive and by taking public transportation, I get these quieter moments, where I can do what I want and simply trust that I will get where I need to be, kind of like trusting in God.


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